Suffering from anxiety and depression, I have tried traditional therapy for years with little progress. Since I started my sessions with Marwa, I have been experiencing significant changes in my life. I am much less depressed and anxious, and much more energized and outgoing. Marwa helped me recognize the hidden reasons behind a lot of my actions and helped me steer my thoughts and feelings towards a more healthy attitude/path.

One of the improvements that I am most grateful for is overcoming my anxiety and panic attacks in stressful situations like a job interview or an important exam. I am now able to handle situations that I could never handle before with focus and effectiveness.

I have been performing much better on both my personal and professional lives, and I keep noticing a positive change in the way I perceive life and in my entire mindset. I still have a long way to go, but I’ll keep going with courage and excitement, for after I have seen the results I’m quite hopeful and confident in what is to come.

M. AbelGhany

I have been working with Marwa for quite some time. She is absolutely amazing.

When I started working with her, on the outside I was normal, like a lady with a good profession, health and family but inside I was unhappy because in my deep soul I was very sad. Every session made a difference in my life. My life changed a lot because I healed my soul and after that my mind*.

I am so glad that I worked with Marwa. She is very calm, sensitive, intuitive, brave, supportive, confident in her method, intelligent, understanding and very well educated. In every session I discover more and more about my internal beliefs and I heal step by step. She understands perfectly the nature of people by intuition and a lot of experience.

I highly recommend Marwa.

Beatrice C

What a joy it was to work with Marwa. She is deeply intuitive, wise and a true healer! She always held a safe space for me during our tapping sessions - I was able to open up to her about things that I haven’t been able to with many other people and I always felt held, heard and supported. After each session I noticed an ease in my nervous system and was able to function from a place of calm and centeredness. Many times she facilitated deep insights - a-ha moments - and a new perspective on issues in my life. I feel grateful for my time with Marwa and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for healing support and transformation. 

Jennifer Ludders

* results may vary from person to person

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