My mission in life, what makes my heart sing, is being able to help people feel better and improve their lives. Even before I started doing this work, I was always attracted to people who need help, and for some reason I was attracting them in my life too. I was the good-listener, empathetic friend who just gets you and listens to all your stories without judgement. Before I discovered the powerful tools of energy psychology, it was very draining for me and I could not help my friends as much as I wanted.

I started out as a successful software professional, with drive and ambition, but there was always something or the other keeping me feeling bad. I had a theme of abandonment and lack of love in my life. I was anti-relationships, and yet I had a theme of getting attracted to the wrong men, men who were either unavailable or wrong for me (as in possessed the qualities I hated most). Needless to say, this caused me a lot of suffering. When I hit my rock bottom, I was desperate for a way to feel better. It is then when I discovered EFT. At first I started applying it on myself, and it helped at first but just to an extent. I realized that I needed help and further support, so I found a practitioner and started having sessions with her. It was through her that I discovered Matrix Reimprinting. I was impressed with the results and I immediately felt a calling to use this to help others. I had to do my own healing first though.

Long story short, I am now an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner, with passion for helping people turn their lives around and get the same amazing results I got, and still get. I have worked with people from all over the world, both over Skype and in person. The experiences people have in Matrix Reimprinting sessions and the inner wisdom they discover within themselves never fail to amaze me. I look forward to going through the healing journey with more and more people.

I am a trained EFTMR practitioner, however, I draw from other EFT masters' techniques and other modalities to match my client's needs in the moment. I am intuitive and an empath, which means sometimes I can sense your feelings which makes the process a lot easier. I will always verify with you whatever I sense though to make sure I don't act on assumptions. This helps us get to core issues faster and deal with them better.

I offer a free trial and consultation for all new clients to give you a chance to get to try the technique and get familiar with me and my style. It also gives me a chance to get familiar with you and decide if we are a good match before you make any commitment to purchase sessions. I will also give you a quick overview on how we can go about addressing your issues. Oftentimes, a core issue will arise in the first session, in which case it will run a little longer than planned. I am totally fine if this is the only session you get, and will be thrilled if you get a major shift in the one session. 

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